3 millions protests against Trump

Trump was sworn, in january 20, and was greeted with the biggest wave of protests that have occurred in the US and around the world. About 3 million demonstrators took to the streets on a two-day protest march against the new boss of US imperialism. Although these figures may be slightly overestimated, the quality and quantity of the manifestations is undeniable. It is probable that in history no president has been received with such worldwide indignation.
In the United States, 2.9 million people took to the streets to protest against the new president, who lost the election, but was nevertheless chosen by an electoral college that demonstrated the anti-democratic character of American “democracy.” The anger was led by the women, already attacked earlier by the sexist statements made during the election campaign.
In the United States, demonstrations took place in a large number of locations, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Honolulu, Guam and others, where mass demonstrations had not taken place for years, such as Oakland. In some locations, demonstrators were not intimidated by the snow that fell during the event, as in Fairbanks, Alaska; Boise, Idaho and Park City, Utah.
The protests, some of them violently repressed, led to the arrest of dozens of activists.

Protests in USA

There were protests in London, England; Paris and Marseille, France; Lisbon; Berlin; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Dublin, Ireland; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Geneva, in Switzerland; Tbilisi, Georgia; Florence and Rome, Italy; Prague, Czech Republic; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax and Toronto, Canada; Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; Erbil, in Iraq; Tel Aviv, Israel; Mexico City and Ajijic, Mexico; Antarctica; Brasília, São Paulo and Imperatriz, in Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bogotá, Colombia; San Jose, Costa Rica; Bangkok, Thailand; Tokyo; Accra, Ghana; Nairobi, Kenya; Cape Town, South Africa.
The protests occurred despite a significant part of the world left not summoning them. Hence the strong female presence on a protest day that should have taken all trade union and democratic organizations to the streets, but whose leaders simply watched what would happen without mobilizing their bases. After all, what Trump intends to do will affect the lives of the entire world population, and this, he made very clear in his election campaign.

Uncertainties for the press and for blind leaders

Although Trump made clear the whole series of attacks that he would make if he were elected. shamefully, the world press and even leftist organizations announced that the rise of the new president would be marked by uncertainties.
But contrary to what they claim, the very formation of his cabinet with men from Wall Street and Exxon Mobil certainly shows the war he organizes against workers, women, and ethnicities across the globe. One must be blind or stupid to believe that there will be uncertainty in this government that has just risen.

Climate hell

Although it is impossible to prove scientifically, the worst facet of the Trump government will not be to continue the attacks of its predecessors in all areas.
The main hallmark of the new Trump government is that it will transform the severe climate crisis we are already experiencing, with droughts, floods, extinctions and a whole range of problems, in a real climatic hell.
This hell will affect the most precarious social base of millions living below the poverty line. And millions more will join this layer in the coming years, with droughts, water shortages, floods and hurricanes continuing. It will irreparably affect the lives of the native peoples, who live more closely with nature and not in urban centers with fans and air conditioners.
If we do not stop trumpcide in the shortest possible time, the result will not be the end of the world, but the growing suffering of the impoverished masses. Thousands of deaths from heat waves that already occur and cause temperatures above 40 degrees or even above 50 degrees Celsius, as is the case today in the summers of India.
Several recent scientific studies point out that with regard to the climate crisis, which Trump denies to exist, the situation may already be out of control and we have entered an unknown area. This unknown zone may, or rather will most likely bring, the starvation and death of millions or many millions of human beings. Here we are arguing in the field of predictions, because there is no science that can prove or deny this probability.
But the marxists, and in particular the egosocialists, must be at the forefront of this indispensable denunciation.
More than ever we must extend the fight that began on January 20 and 21 in all the world.

Protests around the world



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