Sunday, September 26, 2021
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México: Documentary of Nochixtlan, Oaxaca Land of the brave people


The following documentary is a collection of testimonies from the people of Nochixtlán who lived through the massacre of June 19, 2016, where the police assassinated at least 11 protesters. After several attempts of negotiation by the government, with the family members of the dead, the people of Oaxaca maintain their position of rejecting both the Educational Reforms and the Structural Reforms.

“We don’t negotiate with our dead, rather we ask the federal government to leave, and the state government to move aside, because they don’t know how to govern the people and communities of Oaxaca,” said a mother who was part of Nochixtlán’s committee to dialogue with the federal government.”


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Piles of charred trash burn and smolder in a lamplit city street. Masked community members, illuminated by the fires and LED business signs, walk through the debris as members of the press document the scene.

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