Avispa Mídia is an independent media project focused mostly on political, ecological, and social conflicts in Latin America. The team at Avispa Mídia works to expose the interests behind these conflicts, rather than simply describing the problems. In doing so, we are on the ground in territories where very few media projects are, prioritizing research as our mode of journalism. 

We also give extensive coverage to peoples and territories who confront dispossession and offer alternatives to the socio-environmental crisis.

Avispa Mídia was founded in 2015 by investigative journalists from Mexico and Brazil. Today, it is made up of a network of people from different countries in Latin America, as well as folks from the United States and Europe—journalists, researchers, translators, photographers, and graphic designers—who make the ongoing existence of Avispa Mídia possible. 

We have reached readers throughout Latin America, as well as in China, Russia, Canada, United States, South Africa, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and Ukraine.

During the last few years, the team at Avispa Mídia has published investigations which have been taken up in different congresses at both the local and federal levels in Mexico. Our work has also been used by human rights and civil society organizations, other journalists, researchers, students, and social movements themselves.

Avispa Mídia has always remained financially independent which guarantees the freedom of our editorial team. Occasionally, we receive donations from nongovernmental organizations for specific projects. Any financial support is made clear in that specific publication and does not interfere with the editorial work.

Avispa Mídia relies on the solidarity of our readers and the communities who know the efforts involved in what we do. We appeal to donations in order to maintain the independence and rigor of our journalistic work, being accountable in that way only to our readers.