Police and National Guard Repress Protest Against Landfill in Cholula

National Guard and state police repress environmental protestors in Puebla.

Protest in Mexico City Demands End to Genocide in Palestine

Protestors in Mexico join the global call for a ceasefire in Palestine.

Conviction of Tseltal defenders confirms Mexico’s human rights crisis

"Unjust sentence" reflects the criminalization of indigenous defenders and the systemic pattern of Mexican injustice

Demands Grow for the Freedom of Saúl Rosales, Traditional Authority in Tlaxcala, Imprisoned for Defending the Forest

Cover image: Protest demanding the freedom of Saúl Rosales One of the principal demands that emerged from the Fourth Assembly for Water and Life, which took place at the end of March, was the unconditional...


Construction of Mexico’s Largest Solar Project in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Conceals Impacts

Energy produced in the solar farm in the community of Comitancillo will power the green hydrogen plant in the Interoceanic Corridor

Colombia: Escalating Violence in Cauca Threatens Indigenous Nasa

The violent attacks registered in the southwest of Colombia have intensified, specifically against Indigenous peoples.

In Honduras campesinos recuperate land from oil palm industry

In Bajo Aguán, residents resist in spite of agroindustry violence. Where oil palm was once planted, today they plant food