The false myth of clean energy in Latin America

Voices from Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico combine in this audiovisual document to disarticulate the deception of the so-called “clean energies”, implemented under the discourse of “mitigation” of the effects of climate change and with negative impacts on the territories.

Tabasara, an ancestral river destined for clean energy

A rotten stench rises from the depths of the Tabasará River, caused by the methane gas created by the plants and trees that were left underwater after the river was dammed in order to create clean energy through the Barro Blanco hydroelectric project that has affected more than 170,000 Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous people who could lose their land and their way of life.

La Encrucijada’s Dilemma: The Greenwashing of Oil Palm

Oil palm cultivation is expanding aggressively across protected areas such as La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve. In this region of Mexico’s Pacific coast, at least 17,300 illegally-cultivated acres (7,000 hectares) of the exotic plant have been identified, which the government and businesses are trying to legalize through reductions to the size of the reserve and a sustainability certification.

Oaxaca ungovernable, 2016

In 2016 blockades were set up in almost the entire state and the government's response to the protests was brutal repression. This documentary is an attempt to shed light on what happened between June and August, through the voices of Oaxacan residents, teachers, parents and municipal authorities.