South America

South America

Mapuche Leader Extradited to Chile from Argentina

With a major operation coordinated between Interpol, the Federal Police of Argentina, and Airport Security Police, on January 4, the activist Facundo Jones Huala, considered a leader of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM), was...

Argentina: President Milei Seeks to Allow Glacier Mining and Deforestation

The new president of Argentina, Javier Milei, is pushing reform packages that will allow glacier mining and deforestation.

Security for Oil Palm Company Kills Indigenous Person in the Amazon

Interview about ongoing land conflicts in the Brazilian Amazon between Indigenous peoples and the industrial palm oil company Agropalma.

Peru: Water Crisis, Extractivism, and Food Insecurity

Coverphoto: Red de Comunicación Regional Half of the Peruvian population is at risk of food shortage; a situation worsened by the water crisis caused by El Niño. This year, draught has caused the loss of...


Sowing the Seed of Consciousness: Agua de Lluvia Little Community School

A project born of the necessity of the children and parents of the community of Agua de Lluvia, nestled in the Mazatec mountains

Military Generates Tension in Chiapas; Organized Crime Checkpoints Remain Intact

Communities in Chiapas face increasing violence from both the state and organized crime groups.

No Findings One Year After the Forced Disappearance of Land Defenders in Michoacán

Family members and friends concentrated outside the Agrarian Ombudsman’s office on January 27, 2023 as part of the protests against the disappearance of the...