Aldo Santiago

An airport on top of mangrove swamps, El Salvador’s bet on regional development

Imposing a “development pole” in El Salvador opens the way for the construction of an airport, displacing entire communities and affecting a protected natural area

“The Land is Not For Sale”: Defenders in the Face of the Mis-named Mayan Train

Mayan communities gathered at the Múuch' Xíinbal Assembly have a main agreement in the face of megaprojects such as the Mayan train: the land is not for sale

In Defense of the Isthmus: The Persistent Struggle Against the Interoceanic Corridor

The Binizaá community of Puente Madera have denounced the simulation to approve the construction of an industrial park as part of the Interoceanic Corridor; now they face criminalization

Repeal of Model Cities in Honduras provokes threats from the US

Senators and the U.S. Department of State call for the repeal of ZEDES and threaten Honduras for breach of trade agreements


Resolution Pending in Case of Miguel Peralta Betanzos

Judge has until August to decide on Mazateco Indigenous freedom

In Chiapas, people denounce counterinsurgency, displacement and State collusion

Programs like Sembrando Vida generate conflict and tension within communities

In Mexico, Mining Law Reform is “Half-Baked”

“A deep and committed policy is needed. It is necessary to commit ourselves in a serious and decisive manner. Because humanity and life on this planet are really at risk”