Sare Frabes

United States Promises Millions of Dollars of Investments to the Southeast of Mexico

The Nature Conservancy, USAID and AMEXCID signed on to millions in investment in southeastern Mexico

Colombia: Massacres Continue against Demonstrators

Translated by David Milan Human rights organizations in Colombia declared on Tuesday, May 4th that “the Colombian state has declared war against the peaceful protests” that have been taking place all over the country, epicentered...

Collectives in Europe prepare to welcome the Zapatista delegation

The Zapatistas have decided to leave their communities to begin a five continent tour, starting off in Europe.

Organizations Denounce Counterinsurgency Strategies of the 4T Against the Zapatistas

AMLO's model of counterinsurgency in Chiapas “is more cynical in violating human rights, agreements, treaties and both national international pacts using supposed electoral legitimacy to do the same criminal work as those before."


“We Must Not Be Afraid of Autonomy,” says the Mazatec Community School

In the Sierra Mazateca, teachers paid by the state see the autonomous school as a risk, but the community sees its worth.

Sembrando Vida: Counterinsurgency, Neoliberalism, and Clientelism

The most damaging effect of the program is the destruction of the community fabric and of the organizing structures of decision-making

In Honduras, Chortí Maya cemetery is swallowed up by Aura Minerals

"they wrecked the cemetery, dug up graves, all to make it look like they’d exhumed all the bodies"