Ángel Huerta

Peru: Interim Government Resigns after Intense Mobilization and Crackdown

Photos by Juan Zapata/Wayka.pe After the Peruvian congress installed Manuel Merino as president on November 10, thousands of people took to the streets across the country. Faced with a political class that doesn’t represent the people...


Sembrando Vida: Counterinsurgency, Neoliberalism, and Clientelism

The most damaging effect of the program is the destruction of the community fabric and of the organizing structures of decision-making

In Honduras, Chortí Maya cemetery is swallowed up by Aura Minerals

"they wrecked the cemetery, dug up graves, all to make it look like they’d exhumed all the bodies"

La Encrucijada’s Dilemma: The Greenwashing of Oil Palm

Oil palm cultivation expands into protected areas in Chiapas with 17,300 acres that the government and companies intend to legalize