Guacamayaleaks: EZLN target of constant espionage by Sedena

One of the current concerns of the Sedena is the action of the EZLN in relation to the Maya Train and other megaprojects of AMLO

Orcao Paramilitary Group Intensifies Attacks Against Zapatista Territory

The gunfire intensified, reaching the autonomous high school. At 2:20 am the heavily armed group stood only 30 meters from the houses of the EZLN

Indigenous Communities Denounce Armed Attacks in Oaxaca

One day after a helicopter circled above their territories, Indigenous Zapotec communities in the municipality of Cuatro Venados, Oaxaca, denounce armed attacks carried out in the interests of mining exploration

Colombia Has Lost its Fear: The Strike Lives

by Medios Libres Cali, originally in Spanish. First released in English by Crimethinc. Header photo by AP, all others by Medios Libres Cali. Update: Since the following text was written, President Ivan Duque of Colombia...


Despite Indigenous Resistance, Mexico Authorizes Mining Concessions in Protected Areas 

Almost half a million hectares in Mexico's most biodiverse region are slated for mining.

United States and Mexico revamp objectives of the Merida Initiative 

11 areas of coordination, 26 joint objectives, and 102 actions of cooperation, which have been approved between the United States and Mexico

Zapatistas Celebrate 29-Year Anniversary with Emphasis on the Youth

In celebration of the indigenous uprising, the fourth generation of Zapatista members celebrated the memory of the founders of the EZLN