Ñaní Pinto

New Attacks in Puente Madera Seeking to Impose Industrial Park on Indigenous Communal Lands

The aggressions occurred due to the resistance against the imposition of the so-called Development Pole for Wellbeing on communal lands

Mexico’s military knew Ayotzinapa 43 were kidnapped, then covered it up

The parents of the disappeared students called for investigations into both the Mexican military and former president Peña Nieto

Government of Oaxaca Prepares Repression Against Indigenous Zapotecos

Indigenous Zapateco communities belonging to San Pablo Cuatro Venados, Oaxaca, denounce ongoing threats and harassment seeking to dispossess them of their territories in pursuit of mining interests

Zapatista delegation to meet with women, trans, inter and non-binary people at The ZAD in France

“We want to support the Zapatista Tour from a feminist, decolonial and intersectional perspective and are open to other expressions of struggle...


Repeal of Model Cities in Honduras provokes threats from the US

Senators and the U.S. Department of State call for the repeal of ZEDES and threaten Honduras for breach of trade agreements

Yaqui Political Prisoner, Fidencio Aldama, Receives Fourteen Year Prison Sentence

His legal team will appeal the criminalization of the Indigenous Yaqui who is imprisoned for defending his territory

Puente Madera Resists Attempt to Fence Off Common Use Lands for Industrial Park

The sign that government functionaries sought to hang in common use lands of El Pitayal bore the logo of the CIIT and of the company Duxon