Ñaní Pinto

Mexican officials announce bids for Interoceanic Corridor industrial zones

Initial bidding to begin in February; communities call for decentralized actions against the Corridor on February 9

Texas Declares Migration Emergency Deploying Soldiers to the Southern Border

Soldiers have been deployed in order to contain the passage of migrants crossing into the United States seeking asylum

New Attacks in Puente Madera Seeking to Impose Industrial Park on Indigenous Communal Lands

The aggressions occurred due to the resistance against the imposition of the so-called Development Pole for Wellbeing on communal lands

Mexico’s military knew Ayotzinapa 43 were kidnapped, then covered it up

The parents of the disappeared students called for investigations into both the Mexican military and former president Peña Nieto


Resistance Grows Against Water Privatization in Mexico

Participants from 18 states and 6 countries, around 500 people, celebrated the Second National Assembly for Water and Life in rebel Otomí territory

Mexico abides by United States climate policy, adding four wind farms in the Isthmus

U.S. creates alliances to accelerate new renewable energy complexes benefiting the main energy multinational companies

AMLO decrees expropriation of communal lands in Oaxaca for construction of industrial parks

The mexican president expropriates communal lands for construction of industrial parks linked to the Interoceanic Corridor in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec