Protest in Mexico City Demands End to Genocide in Palestine

By: Yazvelin Alinares Nardo 

Following May 6, 2024, when Israel ordered the evacuation of Palestinians from the city of Rafah, previously a safe zone, different protests have taken place across the world.

In Mexico City, a protest was organized in front of the Israeli embassy, where around 200 people gathered to demand justice and freedom for the Palestinians, calling on authorities to cut all relations with Israel, with the intention of making visible the rejection of the genocide in Palestine and the global demand for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

Several demonstrators arrived with white candles, banners with slogans, and Palestinian flags. After demanding justice and freedom for Palestinian children, there were 21.5 minutes of silence as a symbol of mourning for the 215 days that have passed since the beginning of the attacks on Gaza.

Two hours of protest passed and the mobilization continued its path on the avenue Paseo de la Reforma allowing a secure return of all protestors, and to make visible the rejection of Israel’s war against the Palestinian people.

The protest took place after the assassination of more than 35,000 Palestinians and the ongoing siege of Rafah after the evacuation of the last area that sheltered at least 80,000 people, who had already previously been displaced.

During the protest, some of the fences surrounding the Israeli embassy were torn down and dragged along the route as a symbol of the struggle to tear down the border walls and alleviate the burden that thousands of Palestinians have carried during these months to survive.



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