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Widespread Protests Continue Against Mining in Panama Despite Repression

Protests have not stopped against the approval of the largest mining project in Central America. Going on one month, the people of Panama have maintained uninterrupted mobilizations throughout the county, in rejection of Law 406,...

Indigenous Nahua Communities in Puebla Resist the Construction of a Police Facility

Repression in San Lucas Nextetelco against community members protesting the construction of a police facility.

Social Conflict in Nicaragua: More than 108 dead

We continue to believe that the Nicaragua Dialogue is still a way to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. However, following the most recent events, it will only be possible

Massive Protest in Brazil over Fare Hike

The clock strikes 5 p.m. It's been raining all day. People are looking for a spot where they can stay dry. There are militarized police everywhere. They've got guns and riot gear. A few...


Indigenous council in Michoacán denounces threats Against Spokesperson

Pavel Uliánov Guzmán, spokesperson for the CSIM, on the microphone. On Monday, November 27, members of the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacán (CSIM) legally denounced...

Industrial Activity Expands in the Isthmus of Veracruz

Silica sand mine in Jáltipan. Photo: Aldo Santiago As part of the project Tracing Green Capital in Mesoamerica, Avispa Midia documented the vast deployment of...

Chapín Abajo: History of a Community in Resistance Against Industrial Oil Palm Cultivation

Indigenous Maya Q’eqchi’ people are recuperating their lands despite the military presence.