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Northern Guatemala: Indigenous peoples called terrorists for defending their rivers

"All we have left is to fight. If we don't fight now, tomorrow we won't have our land. We won't have water and there won't be corn. We'll die of hunger.

Panamá: Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous region at risk of disappearing

Photo: Santiago Navarro F. Translated by Alfie Lake A few logs and interlaced planks give shape to two walls holding up a few pieces of metal sheeting; this is a makeshift hut. In the background two...

Business under the shadow of the renewable energy sham in Honduras

English Translation by Sharon Cowell Filtering through the branches, the harsh sunlight fails to disturb the happy sounds coming from the crowd gathered beneath the thicket. With a guitar as accompaniment, the old women, children,...

Guatemala: Hydroelectric Dam Conflicts Bring Back Past Horrors for Indigenous Communities

Cahabón River By Jeff Abbott /Upsidedownworld Guatemala’s indigenous communities have worked tirelessly to recuperate their communal lands in the 20 years since the end of the country’s 36-year-long internal armed conflict. But these communities have faced...


US Ambassador to Mexico Leads Meeting in Oaxaca to Advance the Interoceanic Corridor Megaproject

It was led by the US Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, together with representatives from the economic sector, such as Visa, Amazon, Facebook, AT&T, META, Google

The challenge of thinking about community: “I believe we will outlive the United States”

A self-organized space with poetry readings, tattoo fundraising, lectures and workshops in the Arizona desert

Green Attack on the Amazon: REDD Projects Worsen Climate Crisis

False solutions, such as carbon markets and Nature Based Solutions, prosper as threats and violence increase in the Brazilian Amazon