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EZLN Announces Changes to Autonomous Governing Structures

In March of 2022, thousands of Zapatistas simultaneously mobilized in five municipalities of Chiapas to protest against war. Photo: Tercio Compas/ Enlace Zapatista On Sunday, November 5, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), via...

10,000 Indigenous People Protest Organized Crime Violence in Chicomuselo, Chiapas

The call for the protest was signed by the Unidad de Pueblos, a group of ejido commissioners for peace in Chicomuselo.

In Chiapas, people denounce counterinsurgency, displacement and State collusion

Programs like Sembrando Vida generate conflict and tension within communities

Deforestation and Corruption, results of Sembrando Vida in Southern Mexico

Deforestation is one consequence of the implementation of Sembrando Vida, a program which seeks to reforest a million hectares in Mexico.


Indigenous council in Michoacán denounces threats Against Spokesperson

Pavel Uliánov Guzmán, spokesperson for the CSIM, on the microphone. On Monday, November 27, members of the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacán (CSIM) legally denounced...

Industrial Activity Expands in the Isthmus of Veracruz

Silica sand mine in Jáltipan. Photo: Aldo Santiago As part of the project Tracing Green Capital in Mesoamerica, Avispa Midia documented the vast deployment of...

Chapín Abajo: History of a Community in Resistance Against Industrial Oil Palm Cultivation

Indigenous Maya Q’eqchi’ people are recuperating their lands despite the military presence.