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The Neoliberalism of Mexico’s New Government Continues to Dispossess and Kill

The indigenous peoples who make up the CNI-CIG continue their organizing processes throughout the country to resist new neoliberal policies being

Mexican Indigenous Peoples Prepare to Resist Lopez Obrador’s Neoliberal Policies

What the CNI-CIG is looking for in these consultations is “the incorporation of something bigger, that can be capable of incorporating our struggles


Guatemala: Maya Q’eqchi’ Community Evicted by Agroindustry in El Estor

Land grabs and violence continue against Indigenous communities in Guatemala. The eviction of Maya Q’eqchi’ families from Buena Vista Tzinté is a stark reminder of ongoing injustices.

World Bank Pursues Land Grabs for “Energy Transition”

World Bank announces more resources for land certification throughout the world; the objective is to provide legal security for the “energy transition.”

Construction of Mexico’s Largest Solar Project in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Conceals Impacts

Energy produced in the solar farm in the community of Comitancillo will power the green hydrogen plant in the Interoceanic Corridor