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Restructuring of Energy Sector in Mexico Will Cause More Dependence on the United States

The energy restructuring in Mexico is being done by the government of AMLO to sustain megaprojects in the south-southeast

Government of Oaxaca Passes Law Pushing the Privatization of Ejido and Communal Lands

Northern Sierra Mountains of Oaxaca. Photo: Santiago Navarro F With the approval of the state congress, the governor of Oaxaca has passed the revenue law for the 2024 fiscal year, with which he is pushing...

Oaxaca: Communities Denounce Collusion between Agrarian Ombudsman and Mining Project

The institution must promote the defense of the rights and safeguard the integrity of indigenous peoples’ lands

Resolution Pending in Case of Miguel Peralta Betanzos

Judge has until August to decide on Mazateco Indigenous freedom


Maya Train Will Cause Significant Increase in Electricity Consumption in the Yucatán Peninsula

The Yucatán Peninsula will be the region of Mexico with the greatest increase in electricity consumption; the Maya Train will intensify tourism and the expansion of industrial activities.

Communities of the Choluteca Region Denounce the Contamination of Water Caused by Irregular Landfill Operation

Communities of the Choluteca region of Puebla demand the definitive closure of the landfill which is contaminating local wells and water sources.

With Plan Sonora and Nearshoring in Mexico, the United States Seeks to Counter Chinese Industry

Infrastructure in northeast Mexico strengthens key sectors of the US economy in its competition with China.