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Land defender murders

No Findings One Year After the Forced Disappearance of Land Defenders in Michoacán

Family members and friends concentrated outside the Agrarian Ombudsman’s office on January 27, 2023 as part of the protests against the disappearance of the land defenders. Photo: Oliver Méndez/ ObturadorMX Monday, January 15, marked one...

Latin America is the Most Lethal Region in the World for Land Defenders

: In 2022, 80% of the assassinations of land defenders occurred in Latin America

Tío Bad: Slain Rapper Defended the Mixe-Popoluca Language

Tío Bad rapping in Oaxaca. Photo: Daliri Oropeza Translated by David Milan for Avispa Midia. Originally written in Spanish by Daliri Oropeza for Pie de Página. Tío Bad, a rapper from the village of Sayula de...

Green Economy: Social and Environmental Conflicts

In the last two years 300 activists of the environment were murdered. Help visibilize violence against environmental activists and amplify just climate alternatives. ⇒ ⇐ The environmental and climate crisis has been an increasingly constant...


Fifth Anniversary of Amilcingo Without Samir Flores

Report from the fifth anniversary of the assassination of community organizer Samir Flores, killed for resisting the Morelos Integral Project

Canadian Mining Company Quietly Advances Toward Gold and Copper Exploitation in Los Chimalapas

In the tropical forest of Los Chimalapas, a Canadian mining company seeks to exploit gold and copper.

Zapotec Community Demands Annulment of 46-Year Prison Sentence Against Land Defender

Criminalization and repression of Indigenous land defenders intensifies in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.