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Restructuring of Energy Sector in Mexico Will Cause More Dependence on the United States

The energy restructuring in Mexico is being done by the government of AMLO to sustain megaprojects in the south-southeast

Militarization, Ecocide, and Community Division Caused by the Maya Train in Campeche

Community members denounce the strategies used to impose the megaproject, along with the repression against those denouncing the negative effects of the train project

Bacalar: Those Left Behind and Forgotten by the Dispossession of the Maya Train

160 ejido members decided to sell the land; Múuch'Xíimbal Assembly of Maya People considers that their right to autonomy was not respected

“The Land is Not For Sale”: Defenders in the Face of the Mis-named Mayan Train

Mayan communities gathered at the Múuch' Xíinbal Assembly have a main agreement in the face of megaprojects such as the Mayan train: the land is not for sale


Communities of the Choluteca Region Denounce the Contamination of Water Caused by Irregular Landfill Operation

Communities of the Choluteca region of Puebla demand the definitive closure of the landfill which is contaminating local wells and water sources.

With Plan Sonora and Nearshoring in Mexico, the United States Seeks to Counter Chinese Industry

Infrastructure in northeast Mexico strengthens key sectors of the US economy in its competition with China.

Altepee Collective Makes Wooden String Instruments to Resist the Interoceanic Corridor

Through music and art, the Altepee collective defend memory and territory.