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Mexico: Communal Government of Santa María Ostula Repels Organized Crime from their Territory

The Indigenous Communal Government of Santa María Ostula has defended its territory from organized crime violence.

Fabrication of Crimes: The Tragic Reality of Indigenous Tseltales and Ch’ol in Chiapas

Crimes fabricated against Indigenous Tseltales and Ch’ol in Chiapas to keep them in prison.

So-Called Justice Plans are the Coup de Grace for Indigenous Peoples: Pueblo Mayo-Yoreme

Meeting between federal and state officials related to the justice plan of the Mayo people. Myrna Valencia, professor and human rights defender, member of the Mayo-Yoreme community of Cohuirimpo in southern Sonora, is firm in...

Senate Approves AMLO’s Request for US Military Personnel in Mexico

Personnel of the US Special Forces This past Wednesday, December 13, the Senate approved the request from president Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the presence of US military personnel in Mexican territory. By majority vote the...


Mining Company Uses Electoral Context to Extract Minerals in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca

In Capulálpam de Méndez, Oaxaca, there are least seven mining concessions with active permits to exploit gold, silver, copper, and lead.

Chimalapas in Flames

By: Josefa Sánchez Contreras The tropical forest of the Chimalapas is burning. The election noise is drowning out the struggles of the communities fighting for...

Indigenous Zapotecs Denounce Militarization and Other Consequences of Line K of the Interoceanic Corridor

Despite protests and lawsuits against the Interoceanic Corridor, the megaproject considered to be of “national interest” is exempt from environmental impact studies