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So-Called Justice Plans are the Coup de Grace for Indigenous Peoples: Pueblo Mayo-Yoreme

Meeting between federal and state officials related to the justice plan of the Mayo people. Myrna Valencia, professor and human rights defender, member of the Mayo-Yoreme community of Cohuirimpo in southern Sonora, is firm in...

Senate Approves AMLO’s Request for US Military Personnel in Mexico

Personnel of the US Special Forces This past Wednesday, December 13, the Senate approved the request from president Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the presence of US military personnel in Mexican territory. By majority vote the...

Indigenous Council in Michoacán Denounces Threats Against Spokesperson

Pavel Uliánov Guzmán, spokesperson for the CSIM, on the microphone. On Monday, November 27, members of the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacán (CSIM) legally denounced Juan Calderón Castillejo, municipal president of Erogarícuaro, for threats made...

New Criminal Charge Filed Against Indigenous Land Defender in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec

David Hernández Salazar during an assembly of the National Indigenous Congress in March of 2023. Photo: Aldo Santiago The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation recently filed a legal complaint against the Indigenous Binnizá, David...


Sowing the Seed of Consciousness: Agua de Lluvia Little Community School

A project born of the necessity of the children and parents of the community of Agua de Lluvia, nestled in the Mazatec mountains

Military Generates Tension in Chiapas; Organized Crime Checkpoints Remain Intact

Communities in Chiapas face increasing violence from both the state and organized crime groups.

No Findings One Year After the Forced Disappearance of Land Defenders in Michoacán

Family members and friends concentrated outside the Agrarian Ombudsman’s office on January 27, 2023 as part of the protests against the disappearance of the...