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Prison Industry

After 70 Days on Hunger Strike, Mapuche Prisoner Tells His People to “Not Let Their Guard Down” if He Dies

The spokeswoman called on Chile and the world to show solidarity: “All solidarity, all help, all contributions, all mobilizations are welcomed.

The military industry’s shameless business in the border wars

Another example is the multinational security company G4S. This company used to carry out deportations from the United Kingdom until three of its security guards

Prison Privatization in Brazil Follows US Model

Between 1992 and 2013, the prison population in Brazil increased by more than 400 percent, compared with a 36 percent population growth over the same period, according to the country's Ministry of Justice There...


In a new order, Mexico gives in to U.S. pressure over banning genetically modified corn

The deadline has been removed for banning genetically modified corn in animal feed and the food industry, creating dependence on the existence of sufficient supply.

In Defense of the Isthmus: The Persistent Struggle Against the Interoceanic Corridor

The Binizaá community of Puente Madera have denounced the simulation to approve the construction of an industrial park as part of the Interoceanic Corridor; now they face criminalization

Resistance Grows Against Water Privatization in Mexico

Participants from 18 states and 6 countries, around 500 people, celebrated the Second National Assembly for Water and Life in rebel Otomí territory