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Guacamayaleaks: EZLN target of constant espionage by Sedena

One of the current concerns of the Sedena is the action of the EZLN in relation to the Maya Train and other megaprojects of AMLO

Observers withdraw from Zapatista territory after increase in violence

Frayba noted that this is not the only community under attack out of the 110 observation camps currently in place, where 11,000 people from different continents are documenting.

Zapatista delegation to meet with women, trans, inter and non-binary people at The ZAD in France

“We want to support the Zapatista Tour from a feminist, decolonial and intersectional perspective and are open to other expressions of struggle...

Collectives in Europe prepare to welcome the Zapatista delegation

The Zapatistas have decided to leave their communities to begin a five continent tour, starting off in Europe.


Renewable Energy: Reconfiguring Dispossession in Latin America

Economic policies for the energy transition in Latin America continue to reproduce old patterns of dispossession

Repeal of Model Cities in Honduras provokes threats from the US

Senators and the U.S. Department of State call for the repeal of ZEDES and threaten Honduras for breach of trade agreements

Yaqui Political Prisoner, Fidencio Aldama, Receives Fourteen Year Prison Sentence

His legal team will appeal the criminalization of the Indigenous Yaqui who is imprisoned for defending his territory